News Around the House

Summer 2017 at SDSU!

The graduates have crossed the stage, the students in the dorms have moved out, and the educators have submitted the grades.  Spring 2017 is over and now it’s time to ease into the summer months and take on new challenges that will help us grow and prepare for the fall semester.

What are your plans for the summer?  Are you taking classes, traveling, working, or all three?  SDSU students who are in the San Diego area during the summer are welcome to stop by the Agape House and see what fun activities we have planned for you!

Check our Facebook page often to see what events are coming up and ask to be put on our weekly email list!

God Bless Agape House and the community of students and young adults that make it so wonderful!

Feel free to visit Monday – Thursday 9am-5pm!







Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry at SDSU